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COLUMN: Voss water is the best water brand

Sia DeyKoontz
Zaria Flippin

You cannot tell me all water tastes the same. Water has such a specific taste to it depending on what brand of water you drink. When I was little, I didn’t really care about what water I drank: my only requirements is it had to be clean. When I started getting older, my taste buds started to expand as well, and I can clearly decipher different taste in waters.

Personally, I think the best water is Voss water. I know, it’s expensive water, but you can taste the difference from Voss water compared to cheaper water like Great Value and Dasani.

One thing about water that I have found interesting is that some waters are processed. When I was younger, I never knew that water could be processed/purified. If you really think about it, though, I feel like that’s why certain waters taste bad.

For example, Dasani, a water brand that most people are aware of, has an aftertaste to it that I absolutely hate. After doing more research about what the best water brand is, after realizing Dasani was started from Coca-Cola, it made so much sense on why I don’t like Dasani: why would I trust a company that is known for their carbonated, high fructose corn syrup drinks with my water??

When a water brand has to come out and say that mineral salts are added to enhanced taste, I think that’s a sign that I shouldn’t be trusting them with my daily supply of water.

Voss water is unprocessed, and because of that, their water taste cleaner. According to, the company make sure that all of their products of water meet the U.S. Federal, State, and Norwegian standards.

It also doesn’t hurt when the brand of water that you like is considered “one of the world’s purest bottled waters.” In my opinion, that’s great information for me to know as someone who cares about what nutrients and minerals go into my body.

Now, let’s get back on the topic of price ranges. I know, a bottle of Voss water is fairly expensive compared to a gallon of Great Value water, but can you say that Great Value is one of the world’s purest waters? No, you can’t.

Yes, you can get cheaper waters, but they won’t taste as good at the price it’s selling at. Water brands like Essentia, San Pellegrino, Fiji and Voss are on the higher side of the pricing scale, but they have a better taste.

Now, because the price ranges of the best water brands are on the more expensive side, I don’t drink Voss or any of the expensive waters that often, but if I go to a gas station and I am wanting water, Voss water is the brand I will choose.

Every. Single. Time.


Zaria Flippin can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].

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Zaria Flippin, Sports Editor
Zaria Flippin is a junior sports media relations major. This is her first year at The News.

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