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COLUMN: Great Value water: More than a water; a friend

Sia DeyKoontz
Alli Hausman

Earlier this week, I had to pull an all-nighter to finish a paper.  

I had worked a 10-hour shift that day and needed to get the story done before noon the next day. Like your average college student, I just decided to chug a Mountain Dew and get to work. 

It took hours grueling over my laptop screen, flirting with for some better synonyms and getting to know Grammarly spell check a little too well.  

With the earliest touches of sunlight peering in through my dorm window, I was done; it was 7 a.m. My face drooped with exhaustion. 

There was only one thing that could mark my accomplishment: a cold sip of Great Value purified drinking water– the best type of bottled water.  

For starters, Great Value is cheap. Compared to fancy bottles like Smart Water, Fiji or Essentia, Great Value is affordable in bulk. Where a 12 pack of Smart Water costs $21.88 at Walmart, a 40 pack of Great Value only costs $5.36. A 24 pack of Voss water costs $41.99.  

With my college student budget, even if I wanted these more expensive waters, they are outside of my price range. I have other bills to pay and save for, as do most.  

Even in other cheaper waters, Great Value reigns supreme. A 35 pack of Ice Mountain costs $6.98. Aquafina and Dasani are worth the same $6.98 at Walmart.  

Above all else, I have found Great Value water to be the tastiest inexpensive bottled water.  

Commonly I hear Ice Mountain heralded as an amazing cheap water that combats my beloved Great Value, but I must disagree. I think Ice Mountain water is aptly named, as it tastes like licking a rock. Like most spring waters, Ice Mountain leaves my mouth feeling dry and leaves my soul feeling sad. The metallic aftertaste does not fill me with joy.  

I’ve had expensive spring waters before, like Fiji, and they just disappoint me—though I do respect Fiji for its starring role in the movie “Bullet Train.” I can’t get over the dirt taste I relate with all spring water.  

I don’t even need to mention Dasani. The acid taste speaks for itself.  

Other purified waters just don’t compare to Great Value for me. I’ve had Essentia and I’ve had Voss. While both were tasty, they left me with an additional chalky feeling in my mouth. Alongside that, the price point is just never worth it for me when Great Value is right there.  

Great Value water is there for you whenever you need it. 

Through the big game, Great Value will be there waiting in the locker room to hype you up.  

On your wedding day, Great Value will be there wiping a tear in the back row—a silent but consistent supporter.  

Even now as I write this, Great Value water is there patting me on the back, promising to keep me sane and hydrated. 

With love and microplastics in my heart, I stand by Great Value water.  


 Alli Hausman can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected].

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About the Contributor
Alli Hausman, Copy Chief
Alli Hausman is a sophomore journalism major and can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].

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