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COLUMN: How does bad weather affect football players?

Ashanti Thomas
Safety NiJhay Burt (34), intercepts the ball for a 67 yard return touchdown. The Panthers won 27-0 against the Sycamores Thursday night.

As the NFL season is almost coming to an end, can we address the elephant in the room? 

No matter what the temperature is outside, these games are going to be played regardless. 

According to, the kickoff temperature for the Kansas City Chiefs versus the Miami Dolphins was minus 4 degrees with minus 31 wind chill, which made this game the fourth coldest game to be played in the NFL. 

With the colder weather, we have seen players, coaches and even fans still committed to the game.

However, is our football team committed to play in the colder midwestern weather? 

Freshman offensive lineman Nic DiSanto tries to focus on the mental aspect of playing in the game rather than the physical aspect.

“I’ll start mentally preparing for the beginning of the week,” DiSanto said. “Knowing that we have a cold game to go to, and if it’s cold here [Charleston] I won’t wear sleeves or anything. I’ll go out there with shorts and a T-shirt with my pads on to just get used to it when we play the game.” 

For players, the colder weather can have an impact on their physical performance as well as their mental fortitude.

However, players who are committed to their sport will often find ways to adapt to the colder temperatures, such as wearing appropriate clothing, warming up properly and staying hydrated. 

Freshman defensive lineman Peyton Wilkerson tries to find ways to stay loose and warm. 

“Overall staying loose,” Wilkerson said. “Like you’re on the field for a certain amount of time and then you come off the field and you’re waiting to go back out there, and in that time, you have to find a way to just keep your body warm and adjust to it.”

The recent cold weather NFL games have sparked a conversation about the impact of cold weather on football players, especially in college football.

While many professional football players have experience playing in colder climates, some college football players may not have the same level of experience or preparation.

Even though the Chiefs had many heaters on the sidelines and even a heating system built in the field, there wasn’t a huge advantage since they are used to playing in this weather while the Dolphins aren’t.

Junior safety NiJhay Burt believes the Dolphins didn’t have the urge to keep pushing till the end.

“I don’t think [the weather] really affected their play,” Burt said. “I feel like they didn’t want it bad enough; the film speaks for itself. They didn’t want to tackle in the cold, and the Chiefs came to play and out played them.” 

Wilkerson showed a little sympathy for the Dolphins only because the Chiefs are used to the weather. 

“The only difference was the Chiefs always play in the cold,” Wilkerson said. “So, I guess you could say they were a little more used to it than them. I just say maybe try and find a way to make that not be something you should worry about during a game.” 

The Chiefs won 26-7 against the Dolphins.


Payton Liggins can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected].

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