Growing internationally through trivia

Katherine Wellen, Reporter

The EIU International Students and Scholars hosted a family and friends game night on Friday March 31 in the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union. Friends, family and faculty were invited to participate in a night of games and international trivia. International students, local families and other organizations on campus came to participate to create a positive environment.

International students and local families came together and grew their relationships and education on fun facts about countries the students were from.

When the event started students and families started rolling in and engaging in the games. Everyone was very inviting and encouraging others to join different groups and be social. From card games to Monopoly, everyone was laughing and learning more about the international students and their life story.

There were games provided such as Mancala, Sorry, Apples to Apples and Poker. The games were a great way to get everyone involved and excited for trivia.

Diversity of Equity and Inclusion Chair for Sigma Kappa, Erica Heavrin, was playing Mancala with some of her sorority sisters at the trivia night.

Erica said, “I saw the sign in the hallway of Buzzard and thought the trivia night would be a great way to expand our sister’s knowledge about international fun facts. We were all looking for a way to get more involved and I thought a trivia night would have a great outcome! I’m so glad we were able to come and share the experience together.”

The trivia night did not just include international students but other organizations such as fraternity & sorority life, local Charleston families and faculty. During the trivia everyone split up and made teams to create an equal playing field. Questions about other countries such as India, France and Spain, were asked and answered with help from our international students.

Everyone contributed to asking outside questions and learning fun facts. The students shared their experiences and answered questions about their lifestyle and/or routines back at home.

The coordinator of the international students and scholarships creating a memorable experience that highlighted on international topics and facts. Being able to enter a welcoming environment where students feel safe to express who they are can be memorable.

The way students and families came together and enjoyed such a simplistic activity gave a sense of inclusion itself. Eastern’s staff shared Eastern’s inclusive and effective environment.  To local Charleston families to sorority sisters, and international students, the trivia night and board games created a positive and welcoming atmosphere for everyone.

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