COLUMN: Video games are an important piece of my life


Karyne Allen, Columnist

When it comes to video games, I have a hate love relationship with it.

Video games are something that has always been in my life because I have brothers that happen to love video games. Even until this day, anyone can go to their house and there will be at least one game there.

I even have friends that play video games and even I have video game systems now that I own. There are video games I have played that I lost all interest in over a couple of hours, but then there are those video games where no matter how anyone else feels about it, I love it.

I will try any game with a good story line and open-world play in it. Then games that include shooters which can be fun.

But for me it is not.

I think that games like that are not for me because I like slow games where you can find things and have unexpected choices to make. I also do not play extremely competitive games because it stresses me out.

I love playing The Sims because of all the cool things the player can do and play it so many times without being bored. Video games have also helped take my mind off things and focus on my upcoming work.

I would not say I am a gamer, but I would say that I am willing to play video games if they seemed like something I would like. I used to also watch a lot of play-throughs on YouTube that would show games I would never play.

But seeing others play them and the game in action has always changed my mind It made it easier for me to want to try new games and give me ideas about which games to pick up and try.

Games have always been part of my life and have affected how I do things and view video games. I am honestly happy that people can make a living playing video games and doing things that they enjoy.

I think that is why video games are so popular because people can just let go and not worry about any of their real-world problems. There will always be video games that some people will like and some that people will not.

I think we all have the right to enjoy what we do when it comes to the video games we play. Video games have been seen in a poor light sometimes but those who do not understand them, but I think there is a video game out there for everyone.

Karyne Allen is a senior journalism major. She can be reached at [email protected] or 217-581-2812.