What drinks are popular during Unofficial


Chandler Smith

A Saint Patrick’s Day display of different kinds of alcoholic beverages was put out at Gateway Liquor.

Chandler Smith, Reporter

Liquor sales have kept strong for local business owners in Charleston that have been through the COVID-19 pandemic, Carl Wolff and Ethan Wolff explain more about the liquor sales during the holidays and during Unofficial.

Alcohol sales are different as the seasons of the year change and when there are several types of celebrations throughout the year.

There are several different alcoholic beverages for the different seasons and holidays.

When it comes to Unofficial Irish alcohol, it seems to sell more according to Carl Wolff, also Carl said that it can be anything Irish, from Guinness to Baileys.

Ethan Wolff said if it is Christmas time its eggnog, whisky or Bourbon are the popular choices, but during the summertime it is vodka, rum and RTD’s (ready to drinks).

They also said that as the temperature rises, alcoholic drink choices change and as the temperature changes, people want to do different activities depending on the season.

The change of indoor to outdoor activities changes the type of alcoholic beverage people drink.

Many different kinds of alcohol were purchased in preparation for the Saint Patrick’s Day Unofficial Party. (Chandler Smith)

Although social media changes the trends in alcoholic beverages that college students intake.

According to Google Trends, alcohol sales increase as Unofficial celebrations come near.

Wolff explained that trends that might be popular over time have changed and that makes the difference with what people are trying as an alcoholic beverage.

College students may wonder what drink is new or hard to find for the average consumer when it comes to alcohol sales.

Some alcoholic drink beverages that are looked for and that are popular include seltzers and with that comes popular beverages like the Mountain Dew hard seltzer, which is not easy to find according to Wolff.

People can find the Mountain Dew Seltzer in bigger locations in Illinois, some states do not sell the Mountain Dew hard Seltzer.

The alcoholic beverage intake is noticeable as people celebrate unofficial at Easterns campus but also it is important as the campus community to find that perfect drink choice.


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