Si-Si Sweetz: A sweet store for a sweet tooth


Ashanti Thomas

Graphic submitted by Sierra Price.

Drew Coffey, Reporter

In small towns, local businesses can be seen as fundamental and significant staples of the community.  

They must be reliable, consistent, always adapting to the times and being there for the public when they need them.  

But in this shop, they are primarily there whenever customers have a sweet tooth.  

This would be Si-Si Sweetz located in Charleston. Sierra Price, who graduated from Eastern with a degree in public relations, started the business in August 2020.  

The baking shop offers many sugary treats such as cupcakes, cookies, brownies, cake pops, among many more options.  

Price started by earning the credentials needed to open a food business in Coles County and created a business plan to track the process. From there, she was able to contact many professionals and other business owners in the baking industry. 

Price said choosing to start the sweet shop came from a place very close to home. 

“I grew up learning how to cook and bake from my mother and grandmother,” Price said. “I get to share a few family recipes with customers [while] adding my own twist to every treat.” 

She also said the decision to open a primarily dessert-styled shop was due to the lack of local bakeries in the area.  

However, the road to opening was not so sweet.  

“It took about 6 months to finalize paperwork to be able to sell desserts,” Price said. “I knew it was important for me to obtain these credentials so I just look at it as having a successful business is a marathon not a sprint as most people would say.” 

This would not be the only obstacle Price had to face as spreading the business to the community also proved to be a challenge.  

“In the beginning I had a hard time getting the name of the business out to the public, and to be recognized as a baking business that offers good quality, customizable desserts,” Price said. “Without a physical location and operating as a home-based business made it difficult to gain customers.” 

Economic issues such as inflation also acted as a substantial problem for the business.   

“I realized I needed to be adaptable to the economic issues we are facing,” Price said. “I did research and found new vendors and grocery stores that have the ingredients I need for fair prices.” 

Inflation has caused businesses all over the United States to shut down due to pricing and supply demands. The rise in prices in local stores and shops can turn customers away hurting the establishments substantially.  

However, while Price has had to slightly raise prices on desserts, she works to keep them affordable for customers in the Charleston area.  

While the road to opening and getting public word of mouth was difficult, Price said she finds the personal connection as the most exciting aspect of owning Si-Si Sweetz.  

“The most rewarding part of the business is meeting customers and networking with other professionals in the industry,” Price said. “I get really great advice while building relationships as a business professional.” 

Price hopes to continue growing the business and showing people the sugar-filled treats that Si-Si Sweets has to offer.  


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