COLUMN: ‘Saga,’ an interesting and fast comic book read


Karyne Allen, Columnist

“Saga” is a space/fantasy comic that was written by Brian K. Vaughan and Illustrations by Flona Staples. “Saga” does have violence, strong language, and nudity.

There are nine volumes that can be bought online. “Saga” still has chapters coming out but not volumes at the moment.

“Saga” has an interesting plot to follow because it covers topics of war and race. This comic covers other adult themes that can be hard to read at times, but it shows the difficulties the main characters face.

The first two characters that are introduced are Alana and Marko. Alana is giving birth, and Marko is there supporting her through it all, but their setting is different than where someone would usually give birth.

While reading “Saga” it slowly starts revealing little things about the situation that Alana and Marko are in.

The first chapter reveals that Alana was Private first class in the army on her home planet, but she abandoned her post and helped an enemy which is why she is giving birth in an unusual setting.

In the first chapter, it is also revealed that Alana is from a planet called Landfall, which is at war with its moon, named Wreath, which Marko is from.

The war that Landfall and Wreath are fighting has been taken to other planets because fighting on their homelands could send each side out of orbit.

When reading this comic book, I personally think that I enjoyed the story line of each character that was introduced and how each character helps advance the story. “Saga” also has very comedic moments that do not take away from the story but adds to it.

“Saga” does have a lot of moments in it where the art in the chapters might surprise the reader or add to the humor of the comic book. The art can also be very shocking at times because it does have great details for each scene.

While reading this comic the story line was well told but it sometimes was hard to follow for me because of the added fake language that some characters would use for magic.

This fake language did not take away from the story, it just made me wonder what they were saying when it was spoken by a character.

I also enjoy the fact that as a reader you get to know and understand each character throughout the volumes and why they made some of the decisions that they made.

This comic book also does well with showing how there is a cause and effect on each action that the characters make.

“Saga” has been one of my favorite comics so far and it showed how the characters can grow over time and the sacrifices that each character must make and the consequences that follow each of these sacrifices.

I do recommend anyone that is interested in space/fantasy books or movies to give this comic a read because it is one of the shorter comics out there and an extremely easy and fast read if you do not have the time to read lots of chapters.

Karyne Allen is a senior journalism major. She can be reached at [email protected] or 217-581-2812.