COLUMN: Is studying necessary?


Rob Le Cates

Kyla Moton is a junior English major and can be reached at 217-581-2812.

Kyla Moton, Columnist

Is passing finals without studying possible?
I have never been the type to study for anything. It’s not that I have an issue with studying or anything, I just haven’t developed any study habits that have stuck with me.
The way in which I take in information is definitely different from studying, but I still find myself doing well on tests and quizzes.
But is this an issue? I don’t find myself in any need to study, but I’ve recently run into some issues regarding a course I’m currently taking for my major.
I haven’t been very good at the tests and quizzes in this class. I was even allowed a cheat sheet for the previous exam and I didn’t do too well.
Am I not understanding the material? There’s students in my class who are so it can’t be that.
It can get frustrating trying to understand the material, also because I have been having health issues that have kept me out of class for certain periods, and attempting to catch up can be hard.
It seems like studying may be one of my only options to do well in the class.
Don’t get me wrong, it was hard to catch up for my other courses, but because I have papers and projects as my final exams for this class, taking a physical exam may be difficult for me.
The studying habits that I have learned during my time in school may be hard for me to apply.
The one thing that I know doesn’t work for me is cramming. I tried to cram for my biology exams last semester and it was a huge fail.
I still didn’t recall any of the information and when I looked at the exam. None of the things that I was looking over the night before the exam was on the actual exam, so not only did I mess up by trying to cram for the test, but I, essentially, wasted my time by trying.
The study habit that I plan to use is to create a study guide for myself.
I plan on writing down all of the topics that we learned about in class, and I can go back to my notes and the lecture slides in order to decide what topics I can skip over for the moment and what topics I feel that I should focus on the most.
It won’t be easy trying to develop these study habits and applying them, but the effort is what is most important.
I know a lot of students who are feeling uneasy as we get ready to close out the semester, but the one thing I always say is that if you tried your hardest and put in your best effort, you’ve already won. 
Kyla Moton is a junior English/creative writing major. She can be reached at [email protected] or 217-581-2812.