The Chicago Bears need to make a change soon


Rob Le Cates

Kate Stevens is a senior sports media relations major. and can be reached at 217-581-2812.

Kate Stevens, Assistant Sports Editor

I love my Chicago Bears, but they took an unforgivable loss in the garbage fest with the Giants.  

The team that played the 49ers and the team that played the Giants simply cannot be the same. 

First of all, the Bears had four chances in the red zone and were not able to score a touchdown in any of them. 

The field goals just did not cut it.  

Second of all, what was that defense? It was non-existent after the Giant’s first drive. 

They let Saquon Barkley and Daniel Jones run all over them, which is just embarrassing. 

The two of them combined for 214 rushing yards Sunday, which is more than triple the amount of total passing yards they had.  

Third of all, they have got to let Justin Fields throw more. 

There weren’t many open targets for him Sunday, but the passes he did have were great.

 He went 11/22 and 174 yards, which is not too terrible. 

That Fields to Mooney connection sure is beautiful. 

I’m so glad we got to see more of that on Sunday. I’m hoping to see more as the season goes on. 

Another good thing about Sunday was the Eddie Jackson interception. Prime Eddie is back, and I am here for it. I hope he continues to keep it up. 

In my opinion, we’re not ready to head up to Minnesota next week. Things have got to change in order to put up a fight against them.

Minnesota has been pretty decent so far this season.  

We can’t be letting slow quarterbacks run all over us, we can’t be letting Fields get smacked, we can’t be dropping passes, and we can’t be dropping punts. 

I realize we are in a rebuild season, but it is tough to see these guys lose season after season. 

My last hope was the 2018 team. I hope we will look like that, and keep it up, in the next few years.  

The last few years have just been sad. We blame coaches and quarterbacks year after year, but what is it now?  

The offensive line needs some work, and the defense needs to be steady in how it performs. 

How do you go from being so well one drive to looking like a whole different team the next? 

It is honestly just pure pain and torture at this point. 

It is so frustrating as a Bears fan, but I remain hopeful as it is still early in the season. 

They just need to figure some things out before it is too late because there could be tough consequences. 

While it gets tougher and tougher, I will defend the Bears until the end of time.  

Maybe next week. Bear Down! 

Kate Stevens can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected]