Parking Lot E to be temporarily closed


Rob Le Cates

The parking lot in between the Triad and Lantz Arena and south of the Lincoln Stevenson and Powell-Norton dorm halls, known as E Lot will be closed for construction from Thursday to next Tuesday.

Drew Coffey, Campus Reporter

Many locations on Eastern’s campus have seen big changes in the last few years such as the ongoing renovation of the Biological Sciences Building, the northside steps of Booth Library being remodeled and the McAfee gym having exterior improvements.  

 Now, Parking Lot E can now be added to that list.  

The campus parking lot on the south side of the Lincoln, Stevenson and Powell-Norton Hall complex is set to be remodeled starting on Thursday with the lot being closed to students at 9 p.m. that night.

The construction is tentatively scheduled to be done on Tuesday.

Any cars left in the parking lot after 9 p.m. will be towed.

According to University Police Department Business Manager Stacy Smith, the busy and frequently populated parking lot will be repaved and relined in the construction.  

With Parking Lot E being temporarily closed over the weekend and into the next week, almost 200 students will have to find another place to park their vehicles.  

Smith said students who frequently park in lot E should find an alternate spot to park that follows on-campus parking permit rules.  

“We’re encouraging students that park there to find an alternative lot that is valid for their permit,” Smith said. “So, if you’re an upperclassman you would need to find an upperclassman lot, and if you’re under class you’ll need to find a space that allows underclassmen to park there.”  

Some parking lots that students can use are Parking Lot J located northwest of campus right outside the O’Brien Stadium and Parking Lot W located on the southwest side of campus near the soccer field.

The improvements to Parking Lot E is scheduled to be completed and ready for students to park there Tuesday.


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