CFD responds to partial wall collapse downtown


Rob Le Cates

A member of the Charleston Fire Department ties off the perimeter with caution tape while Assistant Fire Chief Tim Meister investigates the building collapse at Smallhorn Law LLC across the street from the Courthouse on the Square.

Corryn Brock, Editor-in-Chief

The west-facing wall of Smallhorn Law, LLC. has partially collapsed.

The road and sidewalks between the building and City Hall are currently blocked off. The interior of the building is not damaged.

CFD Assitant Chief Tim Meister said they do not anticipate the wall collapsing more, but will keep the area blocked off as a safety precaution.

“When the guys got here they noticed that the bricks on the other side of the plaster had kicked out, which is somewhat common in older buildings,” Meister said. “For us right now, safety-wise, we’re just going to isolate the area just in case more of the wall or bricks come out.”

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