Unofficial ‘uneventful,’ police say


Rob Le Cates

Charleston Police Department Lt. Bret Compton talks to a partygoer after they allegedly told someone to run before the individual was ticketed for alleged obscene conduct, in a backyard at the second house of the crawl on Saturday.

Corryn Brock and Madelyn Kidd

Members of the Charleston police and fire departments say Unofficial 2022 was less chaotic than in years past.

Daily Eastern News editors traveled with both departments as they responded to calls both related and unrelated to Unofficial.

Over the course of the day, the Charleston Police Department issued 22 citations for ordinance violations and made three felony drug arrests connected to Unofficial. The Charleston Fire Department responded to three calls connected to Unofficial, two being for intoxicated individuals and one for a car wreck on Fourth Street and Lincoln Avenue.

Citations included: nine tickets for public possession of alcohol, seven tickets for purchase/acceptance of alcohol, two tickets for minors possessing alcohol, two tickets for obscene conduct (public urination), one ticket for possession of cannabis and one ticket for possession false identification.

CPD Lt. Brett Compton, who worked the day shift during the party, has been working Unofficial since the start of the tradition. He said the parties typically lead to more police involvement than in other weekends.

“It’s definitely a lot busier than we normally have, so there’s more calls for service. But, in general, they’re not terrible. I mean, as long as everybody kind of has a general sense of responsibility, but some kind of forget basic safety and overconsumption and things like that.”

Compton said he tries to have fun while working during Unofficial.

“I try and have a lot of fun because, you know, most of the kids, they’re just trying to have a good time and all that so you try to have a little fun with them too, and at the same time do our job,” Compton said. “I think we accomplished that today.”

CFD Captain Blake Graven, who has been with CFD since 2000 and a captain since 2009, said 10 years ago Unofficial was bigger than recent years leading to more Unofficial related calls.

Officer Brian Siefferman, who worked the night shift, said Unofficial was “pretty uneventful” compared to years past.

“In the years past, there’s been a lot more fights, a lot more problems at the bars,” Siefferman said.

In his seventh year of working during Unofficial, Siefferman said things have calmed down for the biggest party of the year for Eastern students.

“It’s definitely more tame than it used to be,” Siefferman said.

Compton and Siefferman offered their advice for a smooth weekend for Unofficial 2023.

“Just be respectful to the neighborhood because the parties are happening (in) college housing but the housing that is in the middle of residential neighborhoods, so it’s not all college housing surrounding where the neighbors aren’t going to care,” Compton said. “They’re going to get disturbed by the noise they’re going to get disturbed when you come urinate in their yard, which was most of the complaints we had today, the noise and people walking in the yards and urinating on (the yards) They don’t appreciate that so if they can curb those couple of things, then they’re not going to get as much attention from the police.”

Siefferman those who host the house parties would benefit from keeping an eye on partygoers.

“Make sure to try to keep your guests out of the street, on the property,” Siefferman said.


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