Nice weather prompts Student Affairs spontaneous ‘pop-up’ event


Ashanti Thomas

Paul Nau, a junior music major, enjoys the warm weather by slacklining between two trees which he says he learned from watching Youtube videos on Wednesday afternoon in the Library Quad.

Adriana Hernandez-Santana, Campus Reporter

Student Affairs provides a break during midterms for students at the Library Quad on Wednesday afternoon with games, comfort dogs and snacks at Pop-Up Mental Health Play.

Sponsored by Student Affairs, this spontaneous mental health pop-up event is a great way to go outside, make some new friends and take a much needed break from studying.

During midterms, everyone knows the struggle of trying to get through the week. Everyone is looking for even the smallest boost of motivation to help them through the week. 

From the Immanuel Lutheran Church, the campus’ famous and favorite golden retriever Rachel the comfort dog and her trainer, Mark Bluhm, came by to help encourage students to keep working hard in their classes. 

“She’s gone through 2000 hours of training to become a certified comfort dog,” Bluhm said. “Students talk to her all the time.”

While having fun in the sun, people are bound to have a craving for something sweet. 

Student housing and dining members Mark Hudson and Brian Gough contributed to the event by providing ice cream to help sweeten up everyone’s day. 

Push-pops, popsicles and ice cream sandwiches were offered to everyone who attended the event. 

“The day needed ice cream, and Rachel is very special,” Hudson said. “Honestly, this is just an improv way to have a fun time.”

Students throughout the quad were seen playing cornhole, kicking around a soccer ball, playing spike ball, and even tossing around a football. 

Kevin Linker, a member of EIU staff, worked his best to teach students how to toss a football. 

“You want to lead and follow through,” Linker said. 

Students Liberty Watson and Alex Krug would both agree that they found the worst football player of all time. A tree on the quad that has now been named Herald, somehow always seemed to be in the way, but could never catch a ball. 

For students who wanted to enjoy the sunshine but still work their brain, Jule Barbieri, president of the chess club, challenged students to a game of chess. 

“You always gotta be three steps ahead,” Barbieri said.

There were also bike trike races that were happening on the quad. Some students would take the long way around, while others were sneaky and cut through the middle. 

Not only that, but for students who preferred something quieter and calmer, make your own tie blankets were being offered by one of Eastern’s sororities. 

Making fun and colorful combinations seemed to be a very popular way for students to unwind and get to talk to their friends. 


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