EDITORIAL: Start studying for finals now


Madelyn Kidd

Find the day and time of the final of that class. Look under the day of the week the class first meets each week, then listed below find the time the class starts and there is the day and time for the final.

Editorial Board

This is the last week of the fall semester before finals, and it is time to start studying for finals.

For many students, procrastinating studying for any test or quiz until the last-minute seems to be the go-to study plan option.

A 2007 study on procrastination showed over 80 percent of college students procrastinate work and 75 percent describe themselves are procrastinators.

While it might be easy to push off and push off work until the last minute, all it does is cost you in the end, academically and mentally.

In fact, medical research has shown that procrastination can lead to increased levels of stress, depression, anxiety, and fatigue.

For those new to college, it is important to know that finals are different from high school and the earlier exams of the semester because there will not be any more extra credit opportunities or assignments to bump up your grade for the class because class is over.

However, that is not the only thing to make sure you are keeping track of ahead of finals week. It is also important to find out what day and time your final is.

Eastern’s finals schedule is based on the day the class first meets in a week and what time the class starts. The fall exam schedule can be viewed on Eastern’s website.

There are multiple ways to study, the most common including, flashcards, Quizlets, rereading notes or the textbook, using study guides provided by the professor of the class, using self-explanation, studying with others, etc.

Regardless of how you study, make sure you are taking time to prepare yourself ahead of next week.

Finals can be taxing and it is important to make sure you are prepared for them, but also that you are taking care of your mental health. No class is worth tanking your mental health for.

We at the Daily Eastern News wish everyone good luck on studying for finals and passing all of your classes.