EDITORIAL: Make Homecoming events more appealing


Editorial Board

Homecoming Week is once again upon us, with a variety of events for the Eastern community to partake in.

After a year of virtual event after virtual event, many Eastern’s students were looking forward to in-person events that bring the campus back to life. Unfortunately, the schedule of events is less than satisfactory.

Though the Homecoming Committee seems to put in a lot of work planning the schedule of events, all that work leads nowhere because the events are not ones that students are interested in or able to participate in.

This Homecoming Week, not one but two different scavenger hunts were scheduled, one of which requires participants to drive around Charleston in the hunt for clues.

That need for a vehicle makes it impossible for students who do not have cars to participate, and even students with cars may not want to partake in a scavenger hunt that requires that much time and gas.

Furthermore, why the decision to have two different scavenger hunts?

In the time of social media, Homecoming Week also came with selfie contests and Tik Tok challenges that give participants the chance to win prizes. Unfortunately, gift cards are not always exciting enough to get students to participate in those.

As of Monday, only a handful of students have participated in the selfie contest and none have participated in the Tik Tok Challenge, showing how social media-based competitions may not be something students are interested in.

A lot of events are also scheduled during times that do not take into account students’ schedules.

For one, the Homecoming Kick-Off happened from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Monday, during a time when most students would be in classes.

Also, when comparing the 2021 Homecoming schedule of events with 2019, it is evident the committee chose to do the same events again.

It would have been interesting to see some events that are different from what the Eastern community has seen before.

To the Homecoming Committee, if you are going to do all this work to prepare these events, why not make sure they are events students are interested in participating in?