Last Student Senate meeting unofficial, execs say


Rob Le Cates

Graduate adviser Justin Richards who studies communications helps student senator Natalie Mitlyng, a senior pre-veterinary biology major with ideas on possible events for their department to run at the Oct. 5 Student Government meeting.

Ethan Schobernd, Campus Reporter

Eastern’s Student Government quorum increased from 14 to 15 senators due to EIU’s population growth, moving last week’s business into this week’s meeting at 7 p.m. October 13.  

Prabin Karki, the Student Vice President of Academic Affairs, talked about the current senator situation during Tuesday’s Faculty Senate meeting. 

“We have 16 senators and we’re trying to get to this number up, we have struggled to meet a one for one, because at this point, we have committees decided and up and running,” said Karki. 

Payton Ade, Student Executive Vice President, further explained the situation in an email to senators.

“There is also an announcement about last week’s meeting, and an oversight about quorum and EIU student population that was made. The quorum of student government is based on the size of the EIU student population and the increase with the Fall 2021 semester was large enough to change the student government quorum. The quorum requirements for Student Government meetings is now 15 senators.  This change in quorum requirements for the Student Government Association has caused last week’s meeting to now be classified as unofficial,” Ade said. “Any official business that was done during the last meeting will now be moved to Wednesday’s meeting. ”

Last week’s agenda listed voting on multiple appointments to different committees, such as: Faith Nuss to the WEIU Advisory Board, Grace West and Jason Tabit to the Student Dean Advisory Committee, and Billie Frazier to the University Naming Committee.  

However, these appointments will occur this week as well due to the quorum change. 

This week’s meeting will have more senators appointed to positions including Billie Frazier to Library Advisory Board and Committee on Bylaw Revision Adoption and Joseph Gregory to the Council of University Planning and Budgeting. 

As usual there will be an advisor report from Ceci Brinker, followed by the graduate advisor report by Justin Richards. 

Old Business will be conducted as usual, while new business will include a speaker election and will motion to open the floor to nominations and a motion to close nominations. 

“Currently we don’t have a speaker and our executive vice president Payton Ade is also serving as the Interim Speaker,” Karki said. “Ade is currently working on binary present committees, so we’re trying to get students into revising the ideas of the Student Government.” 

Members of the Executive Board will present their reports before the senators about different events and appointments. 

After any committee reports of announcements have been made, the meeting for Wednesday will be adjourned.    

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