Students share their self-care tips for Self-Care Awareness Month

Ethan Schobernd, Campus Reporter

Eastern students shared their own forms of self-care for “Self-Care Awareness Month.”  

College is full of homework assignments, exams and multiple extracurricular activities. Since students have so many tasks throughout the week, students often need to utilize self-care to get through the semester. 

Paige Thing, a sophomore, shared her form of self-care and why others should try practicing it as well. 

“I practice self-care by taking time for myself when I feel really overwhelmed with schoolwork,” Thing said. “I prioritize my mental health because it is so important to take care of your mind when it is working so hard. I recommend students remember to relax and give themselves breaks because they can perform in school to the best of their ability and lower their stress.” 

Elizabeth Meyer, a sophomore communications disorders and sciences major, has a different way of practicing self-care. 

“If I’m a little stressed over homework I like to go out and get coffee or take a little break,” Meyer said. “Sometimes I will go and take a hot shower just to cool off. If I’m really feeling it, I will go to the gym and work out and get out those emotions that I’m feeling. I also do face masks, and sometimes I’ll just go hang out with friends or watch an episode of ‘Gilmore Girls’ to destress.” 

Meyer said that these breaks are valuable for emotional release.  

“I think a lot of it is stress relief. It’s taking a break from work or whatever is stressing you out and it helps to get out emotions or calm myself down a little bit over what is going on in the world,” Meyer said.  

Bianca Beltrán, a sophomore music education major, said that they prefer reading for their self-care breaks. 

“I usually make sure my planner is up to date and plan my week,” Beltrán said. “For me it’s helpful to make sure I’m physically feeling relaxed and taken care of as well as emotionally relaxed when I get lost in a good book.” 

Beltran said that they recommend that form of escapism to other students as well.  

“I would recommend this to other students because it helps you wind down after you know your school stuff is planned and taken care of,” Beltrán said. “Reading lets people get lost in another world for a small period of time to take their mind off their schoolwork.” 

Kaitlyn Ostick, a sophomore majoring in public health, said that staying on top of her work is a form of self-care since it helps her relax. 

“I try to get enough sleep every night and make sure I get my homework done in plenty of time,” Ostick said. “I like to listen to music. When I take time to do things and plan it out, it makes everything much less stressful. Whenever there’s enough time to do everything and you that you can do everything, then you should take time for yourself.” 

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