STAFF EDITORIAL: Board of Trustees: you need to take action


Editorial Board

Douglas Hall needs to be renamed, however, 139 days after the Naming Committee voted to recommend a name change, it has yet to go before the Board of Trustees. 

We are left to wonder if this inaction is an attempt to let the idea fade away or if a strong majority of those speaking to the Naming Committee on the matter stating they wish to see a name change is simply not a concern of the Board of Trustees. 

At this point, we at The Daily Eastern News are starting to fear it may be the second option.  

So, we ask the Board, do you care about this campus enough to bring a vote on the matter and do what the university has been unable to do in the ten-year history of this debate? 

Eastern prides itself on diversity and inclusion but cannot do the simplest vote to show the students of color on this campus that they are taking a stance against racism. 

No one is debating history or saying history should be erased. They are saying they do not stand for celebrating a racist man on this campus.  

Stephen Douglas is an important historical figure and his part in history should be remembered in textbooks and talked about in classrooms, but his racist ideals and beliefs are something to be looked down upon at an institution like Eastern. 

To the Board; Chair Joyce Madigan, Vice Chair Philip Thompson, Secretary Audrey Edwards, Member Pro Tem Barbra Bauer, board member Joseph Dively, board member Christopher Hicks and board member: Martin Ruhaak: when will you have the courage to take this issue to a vote and end this decade-long debate?