Move-out information for on-campus students

Staff Report

Residence halls and Greek Court will close for the academic year at 6 p.m. on May 7 and University Court Apartments residents should be out of their apartments by 4 p.m. that day.

All students in residence halls and Greek Court must schedule a checkout date and time with their resident assistant or senior staff assistant. Those who do not checkout properly could face a $25 improper check out charge and potentially a $60 lock re-core charge.

No Eastern staff and volunteers will be providing assistance and students should plan to have no more than two individuals assisting their move out. Those helping students move out should be in good health and are expected to wear masks and social distance during the moving out process.

Those who fall into the following categories are not allowed to assist students moving out:

-Anyone who has tested positive for or exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 or other respiratory/flu-like illness 

-Older adults (65+)

-People who have serious underlying medical conditions such as: 

-Heart Disease


-Lung disease



-Women who are pregnant

Students and helpers should plan to bring a cart of dolly and cleaning supplies with them. Able-bodied individuals not pushing carts are asked to use the stairs.


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