Editorial: Treatment of press in Myanmar is troubling

Staff Editorial

The escalating tensions between the public and security forces in Myanmar have been concerning to watch ever since the military coup that happened in the country on Feb. 1.

It was reported that security forces killed 34 protesters across the nation. Also happening among the violence is the arrest and imprisonment of multiple journalists, most recently involving Thein Zaw of the Associated Press.

The AP has called for his release, saying, “Independent journalists must be allowed to freely and safely report the news without fear of retribution.”

His arrest and others have also been condemned by the United States.

We at The Daily Eastern News think that it should be plainly obvious to everyone why a free press is important across the world.

Without strong journalism, governments can completely control the flow of information, and it is vital that this is not allowed to happen.

Hopefully other nations will pressure Myanmar to release Zaw and other journalists that are facing up to three years in prison for simply trying to do their jobs.

Anyone who does not understand the importance of a free press should take the time to learn. And anyone who does not care about what is happening in Myanmar should start paying attention.