Editorial: Take advantage of upcoming COVID-19 tests

Staff Editorial

Free COVID-19 tests are going to be available on campus Wednesday, Dec. 2 and then again on Tuesday, Dec. 15.

We at the Daily Eastern News urge all students to take advantage of these opportunities, especially as COVID-19 is likely to start surging again following the Thanksgiving holiday.

For those students who have been tested on campus during previous testing dates this semester, we hope you continue and get tested again.

For those who have not been tested yet, you absolutely should. Long lines and waits have been a factor on previous testing dates, but now that there are less students on campus following the move to online classes, the lines should not be as long.

Even if they are long, a long line is a small price to pay to get tested.

It is a crucial time to get tested as well, as many people may have traveled back home for Thanksgiving Break. Getting tested Wednesday can alert you if you caught COVID-19 while at home.

If you test positive, you will also have time to complete your quarantine requirements before needing to head home for Winter Break.

If you test negative, it will give you peace of mind heading into finals week.

Getting tested on Dec. 15 can be important to, as many people will be leaving for home a few days later.

With possible vaccines on the horizon, getting tested and staying safe from COVID-19 is vitally important.

Too many people have been killed by this virus, and with a light finally appearing at the end of the tunnel, we need to prevent as many deaths as we can.