Column: I feel embarrassed to be a Panther right now

Karina Delgado

I am disappointed. I am disappointed in President Glassman and the administration. I am embarrassed over the fact that President Glassman decided to go online after Thanksgiving break- the week before we go on break.

Other Illinois state universities, even private universities, had a set plan in the summer knowing they will go online after break. Two weeks ago, our region went into Tier 1 COVID-19 mitigation and we received an email from President Glassman regarding the situation.

Yet President Glassman said in the email, “For that reason, EIU will continue to follow its existing academic calendar, and classes will continue to meet as scheduled on campus. The modality of instruction for course sections remains unchanged for all modes including face-to-face, hybrid, and online course delivery.”

President Glassman, now you want to tell us that we are going online? You want to tell us Eastern is doing this because of IDPH and CDC guidelines? Seriously? Eastern can post it on social media and get all the positive reactions they can get. Just know that students, the students who make up this school, are extremely angry and upset. I am sure the faculty is as upset as we are.

I get it Glassman, you didn’t want to lose incoming students, that’s why you had an ignorant plan in the first place. I am glad to see we are numbers to you and your administration. To the Eastern Illinois University administration, I cannot believe you all went along with this plan.

You all knew what was going to happen. We are in a global pandemic, why did you all decide to think this was a good plan?

Do you not care about your students, faculty, and staff? Do you not understand the amount of stress this puts on people as they have to go from in-person to online? Do you not understand the impact this is going to have on those with mental illness and disabilities?

So many universities around us had a set plan since the summer. About a month ago, several universities decided to cancel spring break because they are aware of the reality we live in. Yet

Glassman, you decided to not do anything until now. Get it together Old Main. Several students are embarrassed and disappointed to be Panthers right now. We are glad to know our university “cares.”


Karina Delgado is a senior secondary English education major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected]