Editorial: Trump impeding Biden’s ability to handle COVID-19

Staff Editorial

President Donald Trump’s refusal to concede after losing the presidential election has definitely made a lot of things uncertain in the near future.

Trump will likely leave the White House voluntarily when his term ends, and his threats and tweets suggesting otherwise are probably just talk.

But his refusal to cooperate with President-elect Joe Biden and his incoming administration is a major problem.

Trump is already not sharing daily intelligence briefings with Biden, which could hinder Biden’s ability to deal with threats to national security when he first takes office.

But Trump’s refusal to cooperate also hurts Biden’s ability to handle the COVID-19 pandemic effectively from day one of his presidency.

Dr. Anthony Fauci said that ideally he and other government experts could start working with the Biden administration as soon as possible.

Biden and his team have had to go around Trump to start their preperations for fighting COVID starting in January. They are meeting with vaccine producers this week.

We at The Daily Eastern News believe that Trump should concede and start cooperating, or at least allow the transition process to start taking place.

His pettiness and immaturity are actually making Americans less safe, and at a time where COVID-19 cases are spreading across the country, the timing could not be much worse.

It seems as if peaceful transitions of power are something we have taken for granted because they just always happen.

Now that we have a president who seems disinterested in the transitional process, hopefully we can start finding and fixing some of the flaws in the system.