Editorial: Trump’s pettiness is a threat to security

Staff Editorial

President Trump’s refusal to concede to president-elect Joe Biden is not very surprising. Anyone who has heard Trump speak over the past several years could have expected it, and Trump himself even said he would not concede.

It seems like just a minor annoyance and breaking of tradition at first glance, but when you look deeper, Trump’s refusal to concede actually has some serious consequences.

Part of Trump’s refusal to concede and cooperate with Biden is that Trump is not sharing daily intelligence briefings with Biden, something that is normally done to assure that the incoming president is prepared for any breaches in national security that may occur when they take office.

Trump refusing to share these briefings with Biden may be actively making America less safe.

The fact that Trump is planning on fighting the election results is not an excuse. Back in 2000, when the results were unknown, President Clinton shared the briefings with George W. Bush in case he won, and Bush was running against Clinton’s own Vice President in Al Gore.

We at The Daily Eastern News believe that Trump needs to put his petty political motives aside and start cooperating with the incoming Biden administration. Trump is prioritizing his own fragile ego over national security.