Column: Harris becoming Vice President is an incredible moment

Karina Delgado

When I was in fourth grade I remember sitting in the living room and watching the news as the first Black male candidate won the presidential election. As a daughter of a Mexican family, I felt the joy of seeing Barack Obama take over versus an old white male. I mean I was only ten years old but I knew the impact it was going to make on the United States. Then in 2016 I watched Hilary Clinton win the Democratic nominee, the first female nominee. I remember grinning ear to ear and thinking how I was witnessing history and thought I was about to see the first woman president. Oh boy, I was wrong. Instead, I watched the United States fall into complete chaos the next four years.

I watched our country walk backwards. Throughout these four years I have experienced racism and sexism. I felt like in some ways I could relate to “The Handmaid’s Tale” as there are men who think they are superior and belittle women. I still had hope in my heart. When I was shopping for my freshman year of college, I bought a plaque saying “The Future is Female,” a saying from the 1970s, a “lesbian separatist slogan,” according to The Washington Post. Throughout my four years I have had conversations regarding my decorative plaque. People thought it was “radical” and asked how could I be a “feminist” with this saying. People thought I wanted men out and women to take over. I had to let them know they were the ones with the radical ideas, not me. “The Future is Female” means men will still have power positions but so will women. The future will be filled with broken glass.

I am glad to see that the future is now and that the White House will have to clean some broken glass as Kamala Harris will be the first woman and woman of color to be vice president of the United States of America. I know Harris has a past and ideas where I disagree. Although I know people change. And with a country surrounded with young people wanting progressive change in this country, I know Harris will grow as a person and do good for this country. Here’s to the present and the future.