Editorial: NY Post makes careless decision with Biden story

Staff Editorial

The New York Post caught some criticism Wednesday with the publication of a story that they said was based on the contents of a hard drive reportedly belonging to Hunter Biden.

The story claimed that Joe Biden used his position as vice president to help Hunter Biden make money and the hard drive was given to the Post on Oct. 11 by President Trump’s personal lawyer Rudolph Giuliani. Giuliani and former Trump adviser Steven Bannon, who is currently facing fraud charges, are the only two sources listed in the story.

There was even more criticism aimed at the Post Sunday when the New York Times reported that multiple writers declined to have their bylines appear on the story due to concerns that the material was not credible and the Post did not do enough to verify it.

Of the two reporters whose bylines appeared with the story, one had no previous bylines with the Post and the other did not learn that her byline was attached until after the story was published, according to the Times’ story.

We at The Daily Eastern News find the Post’s behavior to be careless and lacking journalistic integrity.

They have stood by their reporting since the story came out, despite no other publication being able to verify the information in the story.

There was no reason to publish this story if it was not verified. The Times reported that the Post’s editors felt they needed to move quickly, but since they were the only publication to have the information, this does not make much sense.

In the final weeks of a highly contentious election, and in a time when the media is under attack as “fake news,” it is more important that ever to make sure that information that is published is factual.

It seems that the New York Post did not fulfill this responsibility.