Editorial: NBC getting backlash over town hall decision

Staff Editorial

NBC News is facing criticism for scheduling a town hall Thursday featuring President Trump to be broadcast against a similar event being aired by ABC featuring Joe Biden.

Critics have attacked the decision to have dueling town halls at the same time, meaning viewers will not be able to watch both of them.

Among these critics is former NBC News anchor Katie Couric, who tweeted, “Having dueling town halls is bad for democracy – voters should be able to watch both and I don’t think many will.”

We at The Daily Eastern News agree that this decision by NBC News is careless and ill-advised. In the middle of such a heated election season, voters deserve to have the chance to see both Biden and Trump as they speak.

NBC could have easily scheduled the Trump town hall for before of after Biden’s event, giving the voters the chance to gather all the information they can.

These town halls are being held in place of the presidential debate that was supposed to happen Thursday, but was canceled after Trump refused to agree to a virtual debate after his COVID-19 diagnosis.

The debate would likely have been a mess, but somehow NBC managed to create a mess of its own to replace the debate.

Hopefully voters will try to watch both events, or record the other one to watch it later.