Column: October is the best month of the year

Karina Delgado

Let’s make the most out of October

I still wonder to this day what happened to us. I wonder if Planet Earth took us into some space hole leading us to a different universe. I wonder if some mythological gods are playing games on us. This year has not been treating us well at all since Jan. 1. Whatever happened, we must make the best out of the most wonderful time of the year, October.

From March to now, the days were repetitive. We went into summer and it felt bland; every day felt the same. Fourth of July came around and it did not feel any different. The holiday did not feel spectacular, it hurt. The days continued and the season stayed the same.

Now the seasons are changing, and it feels kind of nice to be in the cold. I see this as a symbol, a new beginning. Autumn overall is a symbol of change, everything is changing. The dreadful summer is behind us, it’s time to change our outfits, it’s time to heat up our cars, it’s time to look into costumes, it’s time to appreciate the weather before the hard winter comes. October is a new start for everyone.

The weather is cooling down, the leaves are changing colors, apple cider and pumpkin spices are out on the counter and Halloween is around the corner. I know how the fall season is going to be different but there are so many activities one can do during the pandemic.

Pumpkin patches are a way to practice social distance but enjoy the season. Grab your mask and support your local coffee business by grabbing a pumpkin spice latte. Take a walk around Lake Charleston and adore the changing colors on the trees.

We still do not know what Halloween is going to look like, it is still unknown. But one way to celebrate besides trick-or-treating or partying is to give “spooky baskets” to your friends, family, or even to the kids on the block. It can be cheap and simple by buying a pumpkin basket and buying Halloween-themed items at Dollar Tree.  2020 overall is chaotic but at least it’s October. Things will be different this season but at least we made it this far.


Karina Delgado is a senior secondary English education major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected]