Column: Do not resist the weirdness

Karina Delgado

Let’s be straightforward, this is a weird time. Let’s stop trying to make life feel ‘normal’ again. It’s my senior year and I feel like I got pushed into the pool with no warning, I’m trying to swim back up and grab some oxygen. Eastern pushed me into the pool. I had to move back to Charleston and move forward with life and academics.

Eastern wants students to feel normal by being back on campus and to continue in-person classes. Sorry to say, but no. It’s weird to see everyone in masks, it’s weird to see all the “one way” signs, it’s weird to be in non-traditional classrooms. Let’s accept it.

I keep getting memories from three years ago on my social media. When Prowl Weekend was spread out on the quad with fun games and inflatables. When Seventh Street was filled with people and messes were made.

It hurts. This was when life was ‘normal’. I don’t know what I would rather have, my senior year cut short or attempting my senior year. So far, I have no feelings towards attempting my senior year right now. It’s more of a numb feeling. Although, I’m grateful for my professors who take the time and let us talk about what is going on and how we feel.

They know it’s a strange time and want us to get all of our thoughts out. Thank you to those who treat their students as humans and don’t pretend like nothing is happening.

On top of this, our country is experiencing a heavy political climate. Elections, anti-maskers, riots, back-to-school debates, and so on; it sucks out here. It makes me question “why now? Why is this going on now?” There are so many years on this earth and it had to be this year where everything is crazy and chaotic. Events where even the older generation cannot wrap their head around what’s going on.

After months of chaos, I learned that the only way I can get past this is to accept that it is an odd time. Places continue to stay open, Eastern continues their annual events, the country continues to move forward.

But let’s not pretend like nothing is happening. Let’s continue to talk about what is going on politically. Let’s continue to practice our safety guidelines. Let life continue, let the weird times roll.


Karina Delgado is a senior secondary English education major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected]