Keep hate messages off campus

Staff Editorial

Plastic bags filled with a rock and a poster decorated with a swastika that reads “White Power. Get Some!” were left around Eastern’s campus on Wednesday, a majority of which were found in Eastern’s Greek Court.

To whomever left these hateful messages around our campus, we at The Daily Eastern News say to you this: Don’t come back to our school. Don’t come into our community. Don’t come back to our campus. Leave your hate, bigotry and ignorance somewhere else.

Eastern does not want you here. The students do not want you here. The faculty does not want you here. The community does not want you here.

Stay away.

Your message of hate and stupidity will garner no traction on our campus. Your cause will find no sympathy here.

You are not welcome here.

While we at The Daily Eastern News recognize it is the first amendment right of whichever person or group of intolerant people that did this to exercise their freedom of speech and voice their uneducated and horrible opinions. We want to assure you: No one at this school wants to hear it.

Your message has fallen upon deaf ears. No one will come to your cause. Eastern wants no part of the hate you tried to bring our campus on Wednesday.

Rather, your futile message has instead reminded all of us that while we at Eastern welcome most to our campus with open arms, you are not among them.

Eastern is an institution that prides itself on diversity, and your naïve and ignorant attempt at changing that will not kill that pride. Eastern will today and will always be a place where people from all races, sexual orientations and backgrounds are welcome. You cannot change that.

Do not waste your time by coming back to this campus. You will only make fools of yourselves when you realize you have no place in our community. We don’t care where you take yourselves or your message; just do not bring it back here.

We hope that one day you can come to realize how wrong your beliefs are and maybe you can get the help you need to live a life not filled with hate. But until then, stay away from Eastern; nobody wants you here.

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