Students gather to watch Eastern alumni Garoppolo


Jalyn Long

Students gather around a T.V in the Thomas Hall Dinning Center to watch the Superbowl on Sunday night. The Kansas City Chiefs won the game 31-20.

Emilie Bowman and Luke Taylor, Reporters

Jimmy Garoppolo’s participation in Super Bowl LIV Sunday night encouraged Eastern students to participate in viewing parties on campus. 

Students at both Taylor Hall and Newman Catholic Community Center enjoyed snacks and spending time with friends while watching Eastern alum Garoppolo in the Super Bowl. 

With an Eastern alum playing a major role in this year’s game, both students and alumni felt more connected to the event. 

Cameron Krager, freshman marketing major, was surprised by the turnout at the Newman Center. 

“We’ve got not just students here, but alumni from the Newman Center who are here and their kids and grandkids,” Krager said.

For some people, Garoppolo’s participation influenced not just their interest but their opinions about the game itself. 

Sam Knebel, junior biochemistry major, said that Garoppolo being in the game influenced his choice for which team he supported. 

“I feel like with Jimmy Garoppolo, I’m more into the game right now,” Knebel said. “In the past I was like, ‘Oh it’s a regular football game,’ but now it’s like I’m actually rooting for the 49ers.”

Mario Smith, freshman history education major, said that having an Eastern alum in the game had the opposite effect.

“I’m actually going against the 49ers because of it,” Smith said. 

For other students, having an Eastern alum participating in the Super Bowl was not as much of a factor in their enjoyment of the game.

George Chavez, junior fashion merchandising and design major, was not as interested in Garoppolo himself as he was in other student’s reactions to the outcome.

Mia Melendez, junior marketing major and president of Taylor Hall Council, said the group tries to plan the party every year. 

“We plan the Super Bowl party just for the residents because it’s a social event, and we just want them to come out and chill with the other residents,” Melendez said. 

For many people, the Super Bowl is more centered on socializing than the sporting event itself.

Cloe Bourdages, a college of student affairs graduate student, said that the game was not a point of interest for her, but rather she came for the party and the entertainment. 

“I normally watch the half-time show and the commercials,” Bourdages said. “I’m that person.”

Many students felt the same way, including Chavez, who said he was most excited for the half-time show featuring musical artists Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.

Despite never being a football person before, Krager was excited to be surrounded by friends and food.

“I’m just here for the party; never watched a football game before in my life. I like food and commercials,” Krager said. 

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