PODCAST: Stream Fiends Episode 2 (‘THE END OF THE F***ING WORLD’ ep. 3 and 4)

James makes some serious headway in this episode, but not in the way you might expect. He’s still trying to kill Alyssa, but after an unexpected conflict with another psychopath, things go awry very quickly.

These two episodes were packed with action-filled events and an array of new characters. To support the influx of on-screen action and new faces, the stories were stitched together in ways that made keeping up a breeze.

Episode 4 left us on a huge cliffhanger, hungry to see what crazy things would come next, but still up in the air without much ammunition for any predictions. We’re loving the show so far, so listen on to hear what we had to say about episodes 3 and 4 in “THE END OF THE F***ING WORLD.”

“Stream Fiends” is a 15- to 30-minute-long podcast dissecting TV shows on streaming sites, such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime (or anything else that broke college students can afford). Stream Fiends is an extension of Eastern Illinois University’s The Daily Eastern News Podcasts.

On Stream Fiends, Logan Raschke, DEN managing editor/senior journalism major, and Elizabeth Taylor, DEN campus reporter/freshman journalism major, co-host the podcast together.