CUPB to hear budget up, bylaw change

Analicia Haynes, Senior Reporter

The Council on University Planning and Budget will hear a budget update and discuss a proposed bylaw change at its 2 p.m. meeting Friday.

The meeting will be in the Arcola/Tuscola Room of the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union. It is the second meeting of the semester.

Paul McCann, the interim vice president of business affairs, said he is going to talk about what the university anticipates seeing in fiscal year 2019 numbers.

“It’s going to be very limited because we’re not done with the audit and other things for FY19, but I will talk a little bit about where we stand and give some numbers,” McCann said.

He said something that has changed from the last meeting is that the profit in the income fund has increased a little bit more.

He said that profit comes from tuition exceeding the expenses of the university.

At a Sept. 6 meeting, McCann gave a rundown on where money comes from (appropriated funds, income funds and local funds) and where it is allocated.

According to a Sept. 8 article in The Daily Eastern News, McCann said appropriated funds, which is the money allocated from Springfield, is the primary source of everyday money that is used to run the university.

Income funds are tuition and fee money while local funds are basically student fees and revenue bonds, which is housing, dining, the Student Recreation Center, Textbook Rental or the Union, he said.

McCann said for FY19, one of the things the university benefited from a year ago was the increase in students coming in. This increase helps offset the increase in expended costs, or what the university has spent year to date.

“We got some additional revenue, so that more than offsets this increase in costs,” McCann said at the Sept. 6 meeting.

McCann said he is also going to talk about FY20 during his business affairs report at the meeting.

According to the CUPB agenda, the proposed bylaw change is to remove media services wording from Article II, Section A. Subsection 1. b. 3.

The current wording states, “One Faculty representative elected by and from the Library and Media Services Faculty in an election run by the Faculty Senate.”

The proposal calls for removing the term “media services.”

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