Move-in weekend kicks off at Eastern

Students settle into dorms during busy move-in weekend


Karina Delgado

David Thomas (left), a junior physical education major, Adam Swanson (middle), a freshman criminal justice major and Nathan Jones (right), a sophomore computer science major, are settled in and playing video games after moving in on Thursday.

Corryn Brock, News Editor

Move-in Day 2019 was filled with excitement, anxiousness and sadness for some families.

Stephanie Olysav said moving her first child had been physically easy but emotionally difficult.

“I’ve already had two ugly cries this morning,” Olysav said. “I’m hoping to not have any more before we leave today.”

Stephanie Olysav’s son, Brad Olysav, a freshman biological science major, said he was excited to finally be on campus and start the school year.

“I really don’t have any expectations,” Brad Olysav said. “I’m just kind of going with it and seeing how it goes.”

Some parents were more experienced with college move-ins, like Monique Frank who was moving in her third child, Danielle Frank, a freshman graphic design major.

Frank said this move-in had been easier than her older two children’s move-ins.

“This is fine because you have the elevator; my son did not. We had to walk everything up four flights of stairs,” Monique Frank said. “My other son was the hardest because he was the first to go.”

Monique Frank said she had one more child to send off to college after her daughter.

“I have a ways for him, I’ve got some time,” Monique Frank said. “She’ll be out before he goes in, thank god.”

Danielle Frank, who will be on the track team this year, said she is nervous but excited to start college and the team.

“I know it’s going to be hard, but it’s something new that I’ll be able to adapt to,” Danielle Frank said.

Several students came to Eastern early to be Panther Pals and assist families while they moved in on Thursday.

Faith Morris, a junior public relations major, helped as Panther Pal for the first time this year and said she enjoyed the job.

“It’s been pretty easy; people have been very nice and very helpful,” Morris said. “We have a good crew this year.”

Morris said one thing she found funny while working was being able to tell which students were freshmen and which ones were not.

“You know who’s a freshman when they have five full carts of things,” Morris said. “Someone brought in a big couch and we were like, ‘there’s no way it’s going to fit,’ but I guess it’s worth trying.”

Morris said she was impressed with how some students organized things for move-in.

“Some people had color-coordinated totes and that was super organized,” Morris said. “When I was a freshman I just threw everything into the back of my car and came here.”

Mark Hudson, director of Housing and Dining,  said Eastern stands out on Move-In Day because of how much help students have moving in.

“The faculty come to help out, be in the halls and interact with families. We have 150 plus Panther Pals that come out to help people move in and of course all of the housing staff come and help,” Hudson said. “I think what’s so fun about Eastern is the community that comes alive on opening day.”

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