How to improve the spring concert

Dillan Schorfheide, Assistant Sports Editor

Lovelytheband performed in McAfee Thursday, and if most students were asked, they did not care about the concert and did not go.

Whether or not the group itself is part of that formula, there are ways Eastern, both the student body and University Board, can improve the turnout for the annual concert.

Firstly, multiple students complained that it was too hot inside McAfee, so the location can improve.

Secondly, having the concert on a Thursday night is not the ideal day of the week.

In all fairness, UB Chair Mariah Marlar said the concert was moved to McAfee because UB has to worry about overtime fees with Lantz Arena, and holding it on Thursday is because of the artist’s availability.

The biggest problem with the spring concerts is students not knowing about the concert.

A survey for the concert talent was available in the fall, but it was not sent out to every student. A lot of students did not even know there was a survey.

So sending that out in a mass email and even posting flyers about the survey is step one.

Step two is presenting the results in some fashion.

Students questioned why lovelytheband was chosen, but the results from the fall survey showed they were barely in second place, right behind first-place Bazzi, according to Marlar.

This allows students to at least see who was voted for.

Then, as the next semester starts and the search for the artist continues, updating the students about who UB is considering and even sending out another survey with the narrowed candidates can better gauge the students’ interest.

After that, then the clues about who the talent is can start.

The issue has been that we as a student body have not known anything about the process the last two years (lovelytheband included), and then the announced talent has caught everyone off-guard in the wrong way.

Keeping the open communication with the students and being transparent is important to make sure they know their voices are heard, and constantly giving those updates keeps them interested throughout the whole year.

I think the best place to hold the concert, plain and simple, is one of the quads.

Putting it outside allows for a lot of space for a lot of people and for literally anybody to be able to see it if they want to.

UB could also set up a couple tents where students can buy drinks and small snacks, to help make up some money for the free admission (if the concert is free again).

The only issue with making the concert outside is the possibility of bad weather, so in that case, having Lantz or worst-case McAfee as a backup is necessary.

And, of course, having to move all the equipment to a new location last-minute and quickly is not efficient, I recognize that, but I am just throwing out possible ideas to get conversations started.

Another issue that could arise is money; being able to afford a more-known act.

They could do more bake sales or “pie a celebrity” events, like the one in the fall, could be a fun way to raise a little more money.

Or, plain and simple, throughout the year, set up tables around campus and just ask students for donations and explain the donations are helping to afford the concert talent.

Otherwise, considering comedians more could be the way to go (some were included in the survey).

Who does not want to laugh for a couple hours with finals quickly approaching?

Lastly, we as students need to also be more supportive of the concert and UB’s efforts behind it.

Dillan Schorfheide is a junior journalism major. He can be reached at 581-2812 [email protected].