City Council to vote on ordinance limiting businesses’ gambling areas

Corryn Brock, Associate News Editor

The Charleston City Council will vote on amending title 3-3-13 and approving the city budget among other items during its Tuesday meeting at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.

Title 3-3-13 deals with the conditions and regulations on licenses. The amendment will add language under section F of the title, which pertains to authorized areas for gambling.

The following will be added under section F: “The gambling machines authorized by the State of Illinois in licensed premises shall be restricted to a gaming area that occupies a maximum of ten (10) percent or less of the licensed premises and is ancillary to the main occupancy of the building or suite which the business occupies. The gaming area shall not occupy more than ten (10) percent of the business area of the story of the building in which it is located in the licensed premises.”

The city budget will also be voted on. Although a copy has not yet been published on the city’s website, copies will be available at the city council meeting.

Following a presentation, the Urban Butterfly Initiative will also proclaim the city of Charleston as the Butterfly Capital of Illinois.

According to the proclamation from UBI, the group is a “community service organization that works with public and private partners who seek to increase biodiversity, beauty and scientific awareness in their communities by transforming urban green spaces into beautiful, butterfly friendly habitats.”

Currently the city has designated the following areas as “butterfly hotspots”: Lake Charleston Pavilion, Charleston Library, Lake Charleston Red Barn, Woodyard Conservation Area and EIU Secret Garden.

Paul Switzer, founder and director of UBI and biological sciences professor at Eastern, has signed the proclamation from UBI.

The council will vote on supporting the proclamation made by UBI.

Following the action items, time is reserved for members of the public to address the City Council. No action will be taken on matters not listed on the agenda, and the Council is not required to take any further action or to discuss the matter further.

The City Council asks that those who choose to address the Council speak into the microphone, limit the presentation to three minutes and avoid repetitive comments.

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