Reactions on Jan. 20 NFC game shared

Karlie Guy, Contributing Writer

During the NFC Championship game between the Saints and the Rams on Jan. 20, a play was made that resulted in a controversial social media debate. The debate has hit Eastern, with people arguing that a call should have been made when there were only two minutes left in the game, when Saints quarterback Drew Brees threw the ball to Tommy Lee Lewis who got hit by Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman too early.

The referees did not make a call for pass interference on the play, and while many were in disagreement, junior accounting major Zachary Cohen said people cannot be mad at the referees.

“No one can really be mad at the referees because these things happen all the time,” Cohen said. “But, I do agree that there should have been a call made on the play.” 

Cohen said that he is a Chicago Bears fan and was not rooting for either team, but he does not agree with the actions of the referees during the game.

On ESPN, there were questions regarding whether or not some of the official rules should be changed because of the non-call on the play and if the play should be reviewed, even though the game has passed by and the Super Bowl is less than two weeks away.

Denise Lee, interim associate director of admissions, said that she was hoping the Saints would win because she has invested a lot of time into the team.

Lee said she wished the referees made a call but understands that some referees may favor one team over the other, saying that is the way she can cope with the fact that the Saints lost the game.

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