Stay focused during finals, good luck

Staff Editorial

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Finals week is upon us, and all over campus, students are worrying about failing classes.

In all seriousness, though, we are coming to the end of the semester and this is the time to focus even more so than we have all semester.

If you have managed to avoid having to take any final tests, or having to turn in any final projects, congratulations because we all need to take a lesson from you.

But if you are part of the unlucky bunch of us who has finals and final projects, everything else needs to take a backseat for these next few days.

Barring any sort of emergency or anything important that needs pertinent attention, studying is the one and only thing that needs to be of the highest of high importance.

For multiple reasons, final exam and final project grades are important. 

Some of us need the good grades because we like to personally drive ourselves to have good grades. If you want to maintain that 4.0 gpa, these finals are the time to cement an A or to bring that borderline grade up to whatever letter you need.

Going off that, a lot of us need to maintain a certain gpa requirement to maintain or be eligible for scholarships, so if you want to make sure you get help paying for your education, these finals could be the time to do that.

Make this week the last push before we have our Christmas break.

We have all been there, and you will possibly find yourself saying it these next few days: “This is too much. I can’t handle this.”

It is a lot, and at times, it may seem like you cannot remember which president enacted the New Deal, or which organ pumps blood through your body (okay, please know that one at least).

But as quickly as it comes, it goes just as fast.

Study now, and when the time comes you will have the knowledge and the preparedness you need. 

Our break is only less than a week away, we understand that, but do not put so much attention to that as to then not prepare yourself enough for finals. 

You may think that just winging your finals for a good enough grade, or any grade for that matter, is not a big deal and who cares anyway because break is right there calling our names.

But finding out that your grade just dropped a lot, or finding out that you have to retake a course, is not the present you want on your mind as your trying to celebrate the actual presents.