Lincoln Trio performs at Doudna Fine Arts Center

Mercury Bowen, Staff Reporter

Music wafted over a silent crowd as The Lincoln Trio performed Tuesday night at the Doudna Fine Arts Center.

The group opened the performance with an original work called “Silver Dagger” composed specifically for the show by Stacy Garrop.

Among the other pieces performed was “Four Seasons” by Astor Piazzolla, as well as works by Joaquín Turina.

Samuel Augustin, a junior music performance major, said “Four Seasons” was his favorite part of the show.

“It was fantastic,” Augustin said. “It was amazing.”

This was also not the first time Augustin had seen the group perform.

“Back in 2013 I was at a big performance at Ravinia,” Augustin said. “I was in a group called Chicago Churches Choir, and we performed with them.”

Marta Aznavoorian, pianist for the trio, said her favorite part of the show was performing the Turina pieces.

“It felt good to come back to that piece,” Aznavoorian said. “We haven’t played it in a long time, and it felt like coming back to an old friend.”

Ending the concert was the trio’s performance of “En Conversaciones,” composed specifically for The Lincoln Trio by Juan Antonio Cuéllar.

The crowd began to applaud moments after the group finished, with nearly all the audience members giving The Lincoln Trio a standing ovation.

Luz Whittenbarger, a Columbia native, said she and her husband were very impressed with the music.

“(The Lincoln Trio) was beautiful,” Whittenbarger said. “They were fabulous, very accomplished musicians.”

Mikey Mayer, a junior music education major, said he really enjoyed the performance as well.

“I love the pieces that they played, especially the Latin American ones,” Mayer said. “I always love listening to music outside my realm.”

Teresa Britton, a professor of philosophy, said she found the music delightful.

“I love that they’re doing newly composed pieces,” Britton said. “I didn’t really know what to expect, but it’s a lovely way to end the day.”

All three members of The Lincoln Trio commented on their appreciation for the Doudna’s Recital Hall.

“We kind of crave this kind of venue,” cellist David Cunliffe said.

Desirée Ruhstrat, violinist for the group, said the Recital Hall was one of her favorite things about the performance.

“The minute we stepped on the stage we thought it’s just such a treat to be in such a jewel box of a theatre,” Ruhstrat said. “It’s the perfect size for chamber music, and to be able to hear yourself and the sound like that so easily and effortlessly was such a joy for us.”

Aznavoorian also expressed her love for the Recital Hall.

“It’s not just about the instrument,” Aznavoorian said. “It’s about how the instrument works in that hall, so this was actually really beautiful. The size was perfect. The acoustics were magnificent. It really made the instruments sound gorgeous.”

Aznavoorian said another thing she really enjoyed was meeting new people from the area.

“That’s part of the love I have for what we do is just meeting the people and how appreciative everyone is,” Aznavoorian said. “Just touching people with music is what it’s all about”

Mercury Bowen can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].