Continue to ask questions about new college structure

Staff Editorial

Changes are coming to the university, and they are coming quickly.

Under the new proposal for college restructuring shown by Provost Jay Gatrell, the university is now looking at one new college, two new schools and the creation of a consolidated college — with some changes coming as quickly as mid-summer.

While there was optimism expressed in the wake of these changes being announced, it is important to remember to keep asking questions and not be blindly swept up by school spirit in analyzing what this restructuring will mean.

Now that this new reorganization plan has been revealed, it is time to keep giving feedback to administration on how you feel about it, or ask questions if there is something that needs clarified.

Don’t be shy about asking them. There is no time to be quiet.

The new structure, whether it be approved by the Board of Trustees or not, is something that affects everybody on campus, especially the different departments.

These are extensive changes that are being proposed, and it is important that we continue to maintain a watchful eye just as we did with the vitalization project.

Though we recognize that it is not an easy task to keep up with the constant changes that happen on campus, we still ask that everyone understand the importance of this and its obvious affects on campus.

We ask that people at least make an attempt to stay informed, whichever way they can.

In an effort to help everyone keep up with the current and ongoing changes that are happening, we promise to continue coverage of these changes to the university’s organization.

We also encourage those who are in an area affected by these changes to share their opinions with us if they want to talk about it.

Please, contact us at [email protected] if you want to talk about these changes.

This is a time for campus cooperation in keeping the university administration accountable.