Generalizations do not define generations

Staff Report

Every day, it seems like millennials are constantly battling against the baby boomers to convince them that they are not juvenile and immature zombies addicted to technology and social media.

Every day, this battle becomes a more difficult fight for millennials.

Today, the bump in millennials’ road to redemption with the baby boomers is one that no one expected to leave the laundry room: Tide Pods.

What began as a joke has turned into a revolution, where millennials are taking their taste buds and recipes to social media to discuss, share and invent new ways to use Tide Pods as a delectable snack rather than combatting against dirty clothes in the washing machine.

The jokes about eating Tide Pods and incorporating the laundry detergent into recipes has become more than harmless words on our timelines and feeds.

Consumers of both these jokes and the laundry detergent are recording, posting and sharing videos and stories of themselves consuming Tide Pods.

We at The Daily Eastern News are not writing to encourage this behavior.

We are writing to encourage the baby boomers to give the millennials the benefit of the doubt.

Just as millennials are not encouraged to generalize all baby boomers as the cranky old neighbor who shouts from the porch, “Get off my lawn, you young whipper snappers,” baby boomers should also not be encouraged to generalize all millennials as Tide Pod-eating social media tyrants.

But in all seriousness, The Daily Eastern News wants readers to know that situations like these do not define a generation.

Every generation and every person a part of that generation is capable of achieving great things.

However, the means by which they do great things change simultaneously as the world changes.

With the rise of social media and technology comes the rise in using these two tools to propel a person’s status.

People are making their mark on this world by becoming stars on YouTube.

Others find their stage on Twitter, using the 140 character limit to be the voice of their generation by sharing their political views and encouraging other young people to do the same.

Some choose to leave their legacy by creating jokes that rise and thrive quickly in a fad-like fashion, like the Tide Pods.

No matter the mark made by a person, it is not fair to use that to make a generalization about their generation as a whole.

Every generation and every person has something different to offer the world.