Take advantage of Pantherpalooza

Staff Report

College is fleeting. One day, you are a scared freshman, walking to your first lecture, excited about being away from home. The next, you are a disillusioned senior—cranky, tired and not thinking about anything but your next nap or snack.

However, The Daily Eastern News editorial board encourages those on campus to make the most of each day, and take each moment as an opportunity to really be present on campus while you still can.

Is it easier, on these snowy, bitter cold days, to snug under the covers and go to sleep? Of course. We at The Daily Eastern News are not going to pretend that we are not tempted to skip class and catch a few Z’s. However, we also realize we have a unique privilege not many have- the chance to further our education. So many people around the world have fought, and sometimes died, to have the chances we have.

And once we get here, it is important to take chances and broaden our horizons further by joining organizations and expanding our minds. While you might also find friends at parties or out at the bars, it is good to find people you can bond with about shared passions.

Pantherpalooza is one way to find these kinds of groups. All kinds of registered student organizations will be represented. There has to be at least one that you find even semi-interesting and if there is not, create a new one. Chances are, someone else is also interested in the activity you want to create an RSO for, and was just waiting for the opportunity to join one.

It might be a little intimidating to walk into an organization you have never been to before and try to join, especially if you are an upperclassman. It can be awkward to try and find your niche. But it is never too late, or too early, to start joining and participating in things that excited you. You never know—you could find a hobby, a new interest or even a new major you never thought you would by branching out and taking a chance.

And do not forget about class. We know you will not like every course you take. That would just not be realistic. But being present in class and actually listening and just pretending to take an interest in it can go a long way. Who knows? You might actually end up learning something in the process.