Be respectful of all majors, programs

Staff Report

Both on the internet and in real life, jokes about other people’s majors are prevalent. Whether they are about how “easy” someone else’s major seems or how “you’ll never get a job in that field,” it seems like what people study is now an easy target.

While these jokes may be funny, they can have some consequences, especially if it starts encouraging a negative perception of a certain major or field of study.

As cheesy or sentimental as it might sound, it takes all kinds of skills to make a society work.

We need people who have strong STEM skills for the more technical parts of life just like we also need those with degrees that are based in the humanities.

Some career paths may seem more lucrative and others may hold the stigma of not paying well or having enough job opportunities, but any field has the possibility to lead to success. You might not end up having a job that is exactly what you went to university for, but you will most likely still use the skills from your degree in various ways throughout your career.

Every major and degree program requires work to succeed. It may require different kinds of work, and there may be times during the semester when the workload differs, but a college degree would be worthless if there was not some kind of work involved in achieving one.

It is ridiculous to make assumptions about another person based on their chosen field. As students, we are more than our majors, just like as adults, we are more than just our chosen careers.

It can be easy to get stuck in a rut and have a mindset where we are only thinking about the classes we need to take for our own majors or our own programs. That is why, if you can fit it into your schedule or you talk to your adviser about it, perhaps consider taking a class that has nothing to do with your major. It could be a fun challenge, and you could find a new interest you never knew you had before.