Students gear up for holiday season

Travis Moody, Staff Reporter

Many Eastern students are preparing for the upcoming holiday season by decorating their dorms and planning their activities over winter break.

Sam Beuligmann, a senior science education major, said he and his roommates took a creative spin when decorating for the holiday season.

“We never took down our Halloween decorations, so we added Santa hats to some Halloween stickers on our fridge and other things of that sort,” Beuligmann said.

Beuligmann said everyone in the apartment helped to put up and decorate a tree, and they have presents under it for a Christmas party they are planning on having later in the month.

“I’m super ready for break,” Beuligmann said. “That way I can pretend I’m not an adult for a few weeks and relax.”

While she did not decorate her dorm this year, Abby Lee, a freshman public relations major, said her family puts a lot of effort into decorating their house.

“We always put up a huge tree in our family room,” Lee said. “You can’t really see it from driving by our house, so it’s kind of like just our special thing.”

Lee said her family also hangs lights on the bushes outside her house and on their stairwell banister.

“The holidays always gave us a great chance to get our entire family together,” Lee said. “I have a cousin who lives in Liberia who always comes home, so it’s nice to have everyone in one place.”

Kelli Slagel, a junior elementary education major, said she and her roommates put up a Christmas tree in their dorm, and a group of her friends had a Secret Santa exchange.

“We just did a few things like that here, but at home, we do a lot more for the holidays,” Slagel said.

Slagel’s family drives around their town looking at the lights people have put on their houses during the holiday season.

“We also have a giant cookie exchange in my family,” Slagel said. “Each person bakes a dozen cookies for everyone else, and this year we have twelve people. That’s what (the holidays) are all about to me; getting to spend time with family.”

Jessie Wasserman, a junior psychology major, also said the holidays provide a time for her family to get together.

“It’s one of the few times that my family and I get to spend together, so I’d say, to me, the holidays are about getting to spend that time with friends and family,” Wasserman said.

At home, Wasserman said, her mom makes a big dinner and invites a lot of people over, including many friends and family.

Wasserman also went to the union one day, and they had festive coloring pages to choose from, which she took advantage of.

“Eastern has provided quite a few opportunities to allow students to get into the holiday spirit, and I think many of us are enjoying it while it lasts,” Wasserman said.

Travis Moody can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected].