Being single is OK

Andrew Paisley

Often times we find ourselves feeling that we are not complete without being in a relationship with someone. Sometimes, it is easier for us than others.

My entire life, I have been the type of person who had to be in a relationship, or at least what we call “talking” to someone. I guess it may be because I am absolutely in love with being in love, and I cannot wait until that special person comes into my life. But, the problem is that I always tried too hard to find that person.

Throughout my life, I have been in several relationships, some good and some bad. Some were healthy and others were toxic. I never pursued an individual just for the idea of being in a relationship. Although it was something I have always wanted, I also fell for each person I was with. Anyone who knows me, will tell you that I am a die-hard romantic.

The longest relationship I had lasted on and off for five and a half years. This started out great, although we were not exclusive for another four years after we started seeing each other, we spent those four years spending a lot of time together.

After four and a half years, we became exclusive. This is when the relationship became toxic. I am not sure if it was because of the age difference or the fact that we had never really spent more than a day in a row together throughout the prior four years, but everything went wrong. We argued constantly and I was extremely unhappy.

Although I loved this man with all of my heart and I will still continue to have a place in my heart for him for the rest of my life, I was no longer feeling the way I had in the past. I am not here to shame this person or blame him for everything that went wrong because Lord knows we both made our share of mistakes.

I chose to end the relationship for many reasons. Though we both did not agree on breaking up, I can honestly say it has been better for me and I am sure it has ended up being better for him.

You are worth more than being treated like dirt. Do not stress yourself trying to find the perfect person to be with. I know it is hard seeing all your friends in happy relationships and here you are being a third wheel, but you cannot force that special someone to come into your life at a certain time. God will bring you that person and I know some day he will send me the perfect man to share my life with.

Until then, I am focusing 100 percent on me, and becoming even more successful than I have been. I am spending time with my family and friends, focusing on school and just having fun. Honestly, I feel less stressed and I feel happier than before. One day, someone will come into my life and I will be even happier than right now, but I am content on focusing on other things until that day comes.

Andrew Paisley is a junior journalism major. He can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected]