Participate in changes at Eastern

As a university, Eastern has gone through many staffing changes over the years, meaning many interview sessions with potential candidates for a variety of positions.

Now, we have candidates interviewing to be the next director of New Student and Family Programs this week and next week, including an open interview session for each candidate.

While this search might not be as large scale as a president or provost search, it is still substantial, and we encourage those who can to go to these open interviews.

Of course, we realize people are busy, and we are not expecting anyone to skip class or work, but if you can make the time to go, then do it.

This position is important. The director of New Student and Family Programs can help students during a crucial time in their lives- their transition to college. Students are typically just venturing out to young adulthood at this time. They are away from their parents and other family members, possibly for the first time in their lives. The activities they take part in and that the director of New Student and Family Programs have the potential to help them make friends and feel like they belong at the new, scary place they will call home for the next four or more years.

One was already interviewed Monday, meaning there are two more chances to question those who hope to have this job, and see who would be the best for this position.

Take these interviews seriously, and fill out the evaluations available on the New Student and Family Programs’ website afterwards. Doing these will help make sure the person who is picked will get along with others on campus.

After all, the people who are already here are the ones who know the culture, climate and atmosphere of Eastern the best. The more input people have when deciding to hire, the better, especially when it is feedback from members of the campus community.

However, it is not enough to just go to the interviews. We at The Daily Eastern News hope those who go to the interviews actively participate in these sessions. Ask questions. This is what these interviews are for, of course. But do not let the fear of looking silly or uninformed keep you from asking what you want to. There is probably someone in the same room who is wondering the same things you are.

It is better to ask these questions now, before it is too late to ask them.

We especially encourage students to go to these sessions. After all, the director of New Student and Family Programs will be working with students at the university. It may not seem like the most interesting thing to do, especially for those who are graduating soon, but it gives students who go a chance to really invest in the future of this university.