Campfire comedy to warm up audience

Chrissy Miller, News Editor

Marshmallows will not be the only things getting roasted at the University Board’s Campfire Comedy show with comedian Gibran Saleem.

The comedy night is set for 7 p.m. on Friday in the 7th Street Underground of the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.

Along with s’mores and hot dogs being served, UB comedy coordinator Dallas Lancenese said the public relations table will be decorated with a tent. There will also be leafy elements added around the space to add to the campfire theme.

“It’s November now. It’s a little bit farther away from the last time maybe someone’s gone camping or had a nice bonfire,” Lancenese said. “So, I was like, ‘You know what? I will throw an event that gets the feel of going out and enjoying yourself.’”

Alex Hartman, a member of the UB’s comedy committee, said he likes the theme.

“I feel like it’s something that is not done very often, and it’s just a good comfortable theme for winter,” he said. “Camping, campfire, it’s a warm feeling, just having a good time with your friends. Just laugh and have some good food.”

Lancenese said Saleem stood out to him as a potential performer because in addition to having been on MTV and Comedy Central, he is the only comedian to be selected as a finalist for both the StandUp NBC and NBC’s Late-Night program.

He said Saleem’s act is different every time he has seen it, because the topics he draws on are constantly changing.

“He talks about current events and how it relates to him. The last thing I saw was an act where he was talking about all the (President Donald) Trump stuff,” Lancenese said. “Also, he talks about himself and his life in general.”

Hartman said he loves how relatable Saleem is.

“He knows the college atmosphere. He started (performing) when he was in college,” Hartman said. “He stays up to date with events.”

Hartman said Saleem might be able to address recent political issues in a comedic way.

“I feel like we’re a pretty politically conscious campus that likes to discuss issues, and he discusses the issues that are going on in our country at the moment,” Hartman said. “So, I’m looking forward to that aspect.”


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