Events help make EIU home away from home

Staff Report

When we all left home to make to come to Eastern, we knew that there would be tears and homesickness.

Those feelings were embraced, however, and we left home with our heads held high and teary eyes knowing that we could return whenever we felt like we needed to.

However, though we realize that home is not as far away as it seems, what we neglect to see is our other peers who cannot just hop on the train and head North for the weekend.

Eastern houses many international students from all over the world who cannot just pack up and leave whenever they please.

But, with events like Global Cultural Night, we know even though they cannot easily leave, at least they can make Eastern their temporary home.

With the current political climate in consideration, we have to applaud the university community for supporting our fellow international students and their respected cultures.

It is a breath of fresh air knowing that even though they are a thousand miles away from home, they can still feel at home on campus.

It is also encouraging to see so many people embrace the many different cultures on campus and take the time to understand the circumstance that many international students endure.

That is why it is important to continue to welcome international students with open arms and understanding hearts.

Use the opportunity to and also build lasting friendships that will help out later in life.

But it does not stop there. Take the time to attend different events that showcase diversity and learn about the lives of peers that are just as unique as yours.

Being in college means that we have chances to change perspectives, learn about ourselves and learn about and accept others.

Therefore, we should continue to make every peer feel at home.