Divas dominate Grand Ballroom Monday night


Thalia Rouley

After performing, Drag Queen Ceduxion Carrington thanks everybody for coming out to the Halloqueen Drag Show event Monday evening held in the Grand Ballroom in the MLK Junior University Union. “Drag is about entertainment, not orientation.” Ceduxion Carrington said.

Chrissy Miller, News Editor

Student drag performer Billy Rose began the 14th Diva Drag show. Putting on wolf ears and a snout in the middle of the performance, Billy Rose danced across the stage and interacted with audience members causing loud cheering.

Performer Billy Rose kicks off the Halloqueen Drag Show Monday evening by performing “Hungry Like The Wolf."
Thalia Rouley
Performer Billy Rose kicks off the Halloqueen Drag Show Monday evening by performing “Hungry Like The Wolf.”

Other student performers included junior pre-med major Mother Natwhore and junior psychology major Plain Jane Lady Berglain.

Professional queens who performed included host Ceduxion Carrington from Decatur, Ex Oh Carrington from Bloomington, Apollo Summers from Indianapolis, Corrina Carrington from Decatur, Auntie Heroine from Indianapolis and former student performer gone professional Eastern’s Lady Save the Bees.

While keeping audience members’ spirits high through witty jokes and performances, Ceduxion said how fun this type of performance can be, for the queens and audience alike.

“Drag is about entertainment, not orientation,” Ceduxion said.

Victoria Bowen, Charleston town ally for EIU Pride, said she was excited to see performers she has seen in the past bring their all yet again for the Diva Drag show.

“I’ve never thought when I first started coming to these that I would ever see a drag show with local students in the show,” Bowen said.

Bowen said seeing the students perform would have made deceased mentor Doug DiBianco proud and she said she was proud to see them as well.

“I loved all of them. They were all great,” she said. “I’ve never thrown so many ones before, I’ve screamed so much.”

Drag Queen Auntie Heroine performs with a zombie by her side at the Halloqueen Drag Show Monday evening.
Thalia Rouley
Drag Queen Auntie Heroine performs with a zombie by her side at the Halloqueen Drag Show Monday evening.

Bowen said seeing the influence Halloween had on the show brought an extra bit of fun.

“I love when they have the show near Halloween because it just let’s anyone dress how they want to,” Bowen said. “I’ve seen times before with pride where it gives them their chance to say, ‘hey I want to start dressing in drag.’ I’ve tried it before.”

Plain Jane Lady Berglain said since last year was their first year performing in drag, they were very nervous.

“This year it was a lot different,” Plain Jane Lady Berglain said. “I was organizing it so I was talking to all the queens.”

While performing they said they have only felt love from all the other queens and feel grateful to have been able to perform with them.

“I just feel euphoria, like that sizzling happiness,” Plain Jane Lady Berglain said.

Plain Jane Lady Berglain said they are excited to show lots of different facets of drag, including the self-expression aspect.

“For me, I guess the best aspect of drag is self-expression, in that totality,” they said. “Just the aspect of being able to express yourself truly, and that’s what I did.”

Charity Huwe, a curriculum and instruction graduate student, said she has been coming to the drag show for six years.

“Every time it’s a new experience, it’s a new show, you never know what to expect,” Huwe said. “Half the time they do flips off the stage. So, every year it’s different. I think that’s what gets people coming.”

Huwe said the flips on and off the stage were some of her favorite parts of the performances. She said seeing students perform was a cool new addition.

“I think it’s awesome, like they’re confident and they’re out there putting themselves out there when they’re still young and in their undergrad or if they’re grad students I’m not sure,” Huwe said. “I just think that it’s showing support to them as students of Eastern and of the LGBTQ community in general.”

Huwe said Ceduxion is one of the main reasons she enjoys coming to these shows because of how great of a host this queen is and how much she cares for the community.

“The outfits every year literally get better and better I swear,” Huwe said.

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